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This chess was one of a very special order for me.

I was playing chess during 8 years of my life and often thinking about processing chess from glass. Of course I knew it would be big project, so I always move this for the next time, but this next time never came.

Once very lovely woman from German who’s husband playing chess professionally contact me and told only one thing: “It should be chess from glass, everything else decide by yourself”.

As an artist, I always loved beautiful, unique chess, where each figure is unique and detailed. But as a player it was much more easier for me to play and concentrated by simple ones. So I decide to choose simplicity, because I knew this chess will be used not only as a decoration.

Result you can see below.

Simple design with pastel palette and of course gift box, which was designed by me special for this order.

Size of a board: 40*40 cm
Size of a box: 43,5*23*12,5 cm
Size of the highest figure: 8 cm, 
Wight of a full kit is 7 kg.