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Earring “Yellow”


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This beautiful combination of colors looks modern and will perfectly fit with any outfit starting with a jeans and ending with small black night dress.
Yellow is a color of sun and energy – this combination is a perfect accent for your look!
It’s ideal companion for sunny summer or even cold winter days!

This colorful earrings was made from opal yellow, gold and transparent glass.
Several layers of glass were delicately carved, processed and assembled individually, then fired and fused together in the kiln.
This beautiful earrings has 925 silver finding.

Earring is:

• Elegant
• One of a kind
• 925 Silver finding
• Handmade and prepared with love
• Only one instance

Size is: 1.7 * 2.7 cm + 1 cm Closure

Most of my items are one of a kind and unique, that’s why I have only one instance of this earring.
All my items are made with love and packed on a brand box.

⚠ Color of the items may be a little different, it depends on a light direction.

My main mission is to develop glass arts in my small and beautiful country, so thanks so much for interesting on my handmade glass art and for supporting an independent artist!


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