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jewelry box “Blue table”


The handmade glass jewelry box is made from colored glass with fusing technology.

Georgia traditional ornaments are painted with a special glass paint, which melts at a high temperature, enters the glass structure and becomes an integral part of it.

In the kiln it melts at about 750-850 degrees.

Performed on the theme of “Blue table” – the work is an extraordinary gift for your family or loved ones,

It is a very original gift for foreign guests!

Size: 16 x 12 x 10 cm

Please keep in mind, we need at least 3-4 days to process your order, if you need it sooner you can contact us.

Please note, since all artworks are handmade it could be slightly different on the picture.

The jewelry box comes with a wooden box!


We are very happy that you decide to choose our handmade items!

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Delivery terms:

We will deliver your order in 1-7 working day all over the country. Shipping days are depend on which part of the country item should be send. After processing the order our operator will contact you and inform about all details of your order.

If your order should be send out of Georgia you can always contact us to find out prices.

Costumer can come to the studio and get the order himself.

The address of the Studio is: Didi Dighomy, 3th micro, 14th house, near the 4th entrance.

You can check the place on the google maps by clicking on the address at the bottom of the page.

Delivery cost:

The price of the delivery start from 4 and does not exceed 12 GEL. The price depend on which part of the country item should be send. Delivery is free of charge if your order exceed 150 GEL (Only in Georgia). For information about delivery outside Georgia please contact us.

Return policy:

We are ready to return the item during 5 days after receiving only if it’s damaged or it has any defect.